2023 Wrap-Up

Alex Williams

December 21, 2023


4 min read

It's been a crazy year and the team at Louper would like to say thank you to all the customers using our platform. Here, we’ll recap our favorite moments from the past year and share a sneak peek at what's coming.

The team has grown and we’ve ramped up our commitment in the areas of customer success and marketing. In 2024, expect new and improved setup guides with support for more workflows, personal onboarding calls and more useful content than ever before.

One of our favorite things to promote is our amazing customers. In the last year, we’ve met some super talented editors, colorists and producers who have implemented Louper into their daily workflow. If you’ve missed any of these profiles, below are a few of our favorites. And if you’d like to be featured in a case study, please contact us!

2023 Wrap-Up

Recently featured customer stories:

  • ColorNation is collective of professional colorists from around the world, curated by industry legend Reid Brody.
  • Jake Benjamin is a veteran Avid editor known for his creative short form work and wicked sense of humor.
  • Seth Buncher is a New York based colorist & finishing artist who specializes in Unscripted TV and Documentaries.

Major features released in 2023

Based on your feedback, we've added numerous features and improvements, making Louper even more useful in various streaming and collaboration workflows. Whether you are working independently, at a boutique studio, or even at an enterprise sized company, our goal is to provide what you need. Here’s what we released:


We added support for Teams, allowing you to more easily share access to rooms and filespaces with your coworkers and clients. It includes role-based permissions for various teammates, enhancing project management and team efficiency.

2023 Wrap-Up

Studio Tier

We launched the Studio Tier of Louper in July 2023 to great uptake and feedback. Designed to cater to the needs of boutique facilities right up to large enterprise-sized companies, the Studio tier of Louper enables the creation and management of multiple rooms, custom branding, client-side watermarking, multiple livestreams per room, and finer grained control over teammate and asset permissions.

2023 Wrap-Up

Apple TV app

One of the most-requested features this year was a native Apple TV app to enable users to easily view Louper livestreams on calibrated TVs and displays. The beta of Louper's StreamConnect app was launched in beta in September 2023 and will be publicly available on the app store in January 2024.

2023 Wrap-Up

Various web app improvements

In addition to the new features released as part of the Teams launch and Studio tier, we've also added useful new features to the Louper web app:

  • Share your room with different groups of clients using Custom Links
  • Deafen voice chat: want to tune out of voice chat for a moment or two? Click the deafen button.
  • Editable display names
  • Globally enable or disable file downloads for teammates
  • New Host controls enable Room Hosts to turn off all participant webcams and mics, change microphone modes and more
  • Raised Hands: let others know that you have something to say, without interrupting anybody.
  • Allow Team Admins to admit or deny entry to participants in lobby-enabled rooms

What’s coming in 2024

Here's a sneak peek of just some of what we have planned for 2024:

  • Timestamped comments for video files as we expand Louper into an all-in-one collaboration platform, supporting both real-time and on-demand review and approval tools
  • In-room, browser-based screensharing
  • Native plugin for Premiere Pro to allow direct streaming to your Louper room, no LDE required
  • Audio plugins for Pro Tools, Logic and more
  • New version of LDE with native Apple Silicon support, redesigned UI and support for hardware video encoding
  • Additional features for enterprises, such as SSO

Thank You

A hearty thank you to everyone who has used Louper in the last year. Your feedback, feature requests and ongoing support are an inspiration and allow us to keep doing what we love. From all of us, have a happy holiday season and a healthy new year!

Use Louper to stream and collaborate on live shoots, edit sessions, vfx reviews and more - securely and in seriously high quality.


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