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Ross Shain

November 08, 2023

Case Study

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Take one look at video editor Jake Benjamin’s website and it's clear you are in the presence of a creative individual with a great sense of humor. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Jake specializes in dynamic short form editing, working on commercials, advertising and promos. His impressive credits include cutting the opening title sequence to Marvel’s Black Widow, working with international brands Estée Lauder and Under Armor, and with television networks like ESPN and National Geographic.

We recently chatted with Jake about his career and why he turns to Louper for remote editing sessions with clients.

Working as an Editor

Jake, thanks for talking with us! How long have you been working as a video editor?

I've been in the industry since 2004, grinding away as an assistant for a good 5 years! It might have seemed like a long stretch, but that time wasn't wasted at all. In fact, it gave me the tools and mentoring to be successful in the world of editing. Now, as an editor, I owe a big chunk of my success to those assistant days!

I specialize in short-form video editing, rarely exceeding 3 minutes (often shorter). I excel at crafting captivating, complex stories in compact packages, balancing flashy visuals, documentary realism, and humor to keep audiences engaged. Occasionally, I tackle challenging segments of movies and TV shows. Like an opening title sequence or scene explaining something complex, where strategy and swagger are key.

Jake B

We’re curious - what software and equipment is in your home studio?

I primarily cut in Adobe Premiere on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra workstation. I absolutely love my Samsung 49” Odyssey monitor and my secret weapons are Sapphire plugins from Boris FX. I also use other plugins like CrumplePop and Sound Toys for audio processing.

Jake B

What is your favorite thing about working as an editor?

I find beauty in human vulnerability. On camera, people often wear a facade, carefully choosing their words, fearing judgment. I cherish the moments when they break, their guard slips, revealing their authentic selves. Capturing these raw, genuine moments and incorporating them into my edits is what I love most.

Hosting Remote Editing Sessions with Clients

Why do you use Louper?

I initially used Evercast with my clients, but facing a financial crunch, the cost became hard to justify without raising rates significantly. As a freelancer, managing various subscription services is vital for competitiveness. I made the switch to Louper, finding it much more affordable while still offering everything I need to excel in my work.

Why is working with your clients in real-time such a priority?

The untold truth about editing: it's a sales job. Selling your ideas early on is crucial. The back-and-forth aligns your vision with the client's, ensuring success. Real-time collaboration elevates the work, fueling creativity through shared ideas and feedback. It also proves invaluable when working with design and VFX teams, guiding the project in the right direction.

I collaborate with people in the U.S. and internationally, and they all love Louper. It simplifies the process by enabling easy invites and web-based access without any software downloads, streamlining our workflow seamlessly. I also appreciate the on screen drawing tools feature – it's incredibly useful for giving precise direction in real-time.

Jake B

“Louper brings some fun back to remote work. I miss the in-person interaction and hanging out and joking around with clients while editing. Louper helps bridge the gap while working from home.”

How has your day to day work life changed in recent years?

Since the pandemic, I've found a better work-life balance. Working on-site for 10 hours a day with a long commute was challenging. Now, I relish the flexibility to run quick errands, prep dinner, or tidy up while awaiting feedback. It leaves me with more quality free time, which ultimately enhances my work.

To learn more about Jake, visit jaketotheb.com

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