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for Media Creators

Louper is a cloud-based streaming platform that makes it easy for you to stream, view and collaborate on live shoots, edit sessions, vfx reviews and more - securely and in seriously high quality.

Super high quality, ultra low latency.

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anytime, anywhere

Stream up to 4k high-bitrate video and audio to remote directors, creatives and clients. Sub-second latency combined with video & text chat enables seamless remote viewing and collaboration - in really high quality.

High quality.
Solid security.
Simple setup.

Easy to use with no proprietary hardware required. Stream up to 4K high-bitrate video and audio in minutes.

simple setup

Stream to your room, share your room. Our setup guides with video tutorials will have you streaming straight away.

Seamless Collaboration

View streams and communicate using text, voice and video chat - all within one interface.

high quality

Stream up to 4K high-bitrate video and audio with frame accuracy.

In the blink of an eye

Ultra low latency of less than half a second enables real-time collaboration across the globe.

Solid security

Password-protected rooms and authenticated streams.

view on any device

View streams on all devices directly in the browser. No dedicated apps to download or configure.

Up to 4K high-bitrate video and audio

Built-in video chat and on-screen drawing

No proprietary hardware required

1-click join for viewers

Stream from
the cutting room

Stream frame-accurate edit sessions for real-time collaboration and feedback with directors and clients. Present vfx shots for instant review and approval in resolutions up to 4K. Louper removes the limitations of remote post production, allowing you to create without compromise.

Stream from set

Stream live camera feeds to your team - whether they're in the same city or on the other side of the world. And with support for 360° witness cameras, you can allow viewers to see the whole set - not just what's in the viewfinder.

Flexible workflow
No specialist hardware required

Louper gives you the freedom to stream using our free desktop app , or your preferred software or hardware encoder - with support for various streaming protocols. See our setup guides to learn more.

Modular room settings

Want to collaborate over an edit session? Turn on video or voice chat. Streaming a shoot to a larger audience? Enable text chat only. Modular settings let you customize your room to fit your project's needs.

View on any device

Louper rooms are accessible in all major browsers on desktop and mobile without the need for a dedicated app or plugin.

"Just wanted to say thanks for Louper and to let you know how great I've found using it. So impressive how much better of an experience it has been over Zoom for remote editing."

Jack Williams

Editor, The Assembly Rooms

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