Live collaboration for video pros

Livestream up to 4K edit, vfx, color & sound sessions.

Upload and watch videos in sync with your team.

All with built-in video chat for faster, clearer feedback.

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Collaborate like you're
together in the same room

Save time

Save hours on back-and-forth feedback and get instant clarity by collaborating in realtime with built-in video chat.

Build better relationships

Build and maintain stronger and more creative relationships with coworkers and clients.

Work from anywhere

With servers distributed globally, Louper supports low-latency workflows across the world

Livestream your work in up to 4K

Stream up to 4K high-bitrate video and 48kHz stereo audio to your room with frame accuracy. Integrates with pro video and audio software - no proprietary hardware required.

Upload & watch videos in sync with your team

Upload video files and watch them with others using synchronized playback controls. Everyone sees the same frame at the same time.

Built-in video chat and annotations

Get instant clarity with video chat that works directly in the browser, and on-stream annotations

Stream any source

No dedicated hardware required

Use NDI or screen capture for hardware-free streaming from Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Autodesk Flame.

Stream HDMI & SDI feeds from Davinci Resolve and other apps using hardware you already own.

Watch in your browser

Browser-based rooms

Louper rooms are browser-based, so clients don't need to download any apps to join your room and start collaborating!

Built for video and audio pros

For video post

Livestream frame-accurate edit sessions, present vfx shots, and work with remote clients on color grading projects.

Upload exports for synchronized watch parties with clients - great for when you don't want to make live changes.

For audio post

Livestream frame-accurate sound editing, mixing and music composition sessions.

Upload exports for synchronized watch parties with clients - great for spotting sessions and more.

For production

Streamlive camera feeds to your team - whether they're on the other side of town or on the other side of the world.

Upload dailies for synchronized watch parties with your team.

What our customers say

“Louper is completely brilliant, we ran a session and everyone had their minds blown, the director couldn’t stop singing praise for it and he’s worked with a lot of other remote systems before. Really, really chuffed with it.”
Jack Lang
Head of Post Production, Mallinson Television Productions (UK)
“This is exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for your awesome tool.
Knut Hake
Feature Film Editor (Germany)
“Clients really like Louper's interactive options for Color Grading sessions. It really streamlines our creative process. A very well thought out tool!”
Dario Bigi
Colorist (US)
“Louper is great! So impressive how much better of an experience it has been over Zoom for remote editing.”
Jack Williams
Editor, The Assembly Rooms (UK)
“The image and sound quality is incredible and fundamental to working effectively both internally as a team and externally with clients”
Duvan Durand
Editor, Lasher Post (US)
“Louper enables assistant editors to learn the craft of editing and gain the skills required to run an edit session with a director. You just cannot do that with emails or written notes.”
Prakash Patel
Feature Film Editor (UK)
“Easy to set up and so much better than Evercast!
Heather Hay
Colorist (US / Mexico)
“Louper is the most like being in a physical room with an editor, working together. And it’s super stable.
Kyle Kramb
Editor, Nine Mile Cirlce (US)
“Louper helps me maintain very personal relationships with directors and producers, helping to steer the direction of a project and ensuring we’re achieving a shared creative vision.”
Danny Doran
Editor, Doran Visual (US)

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