Workflows | Visual Effects

Stream visual effects reviews

Remote review done properly.

Stream VFX reviews on a secure platform built for filmmakers.

Say it on screen

On-screen drawing allows for feedback with pinpoint precision.

Full control

Match the resolution and framerate of your stream to that of your content for accurate remote review.

Invisibility mode activated

Dynamically show and hide your stream from individual room participants.

Plugs into your workflow

No dedicated hardware required

A source-agnostic platform means you can stream no matter which creative tools you use - Flame, Maya, After Effects, anything. Stream your workstation's screen or HDMI & SDI feeds - or both.

Live collaboration built-in

A toolkit fit for creatives.

Adaptable rooms

Support for video chat, voice-only chat, or text-only chat means you can setup your room however works best for your project.

No distractions

An interface that puts your content front and centre.

All in one place

Give your team the info they need by uploading files like VFX shot lists straight to your room.

Save time. Reduce costs.
Create without compromise.

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