Workflows | Editorial

Stream edit sessions

Cut without compromise

Stream the live output from your NLE to your room in up to 4K - without reinventing the (jog) wheel.

Choose what to show

Share just your NLE's output feed, or share your timeline alongside your output feed for a true 'over the shoulder' experience.

And when to show it

The hide feature allows you to temporarily disable your stream for viewers in your room, without changing your NLE or encoder settings.

Maximum control

Control the resolution, framerate and bitrate of your stream to give your team an accurate portrayal of your project.

Works with the tools you use

No dedicated hardware required

Get setup and streaming quickly with detailed setup guides that include video tutorials for Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer and more. Use NDI or ultra high quality screen capture for hardware-free streaming, or stream HDMI / SDI feeds from your breakout box using the hardware devices you already own.

Live collaboration built-in

A toolkit fit for creatives.

Full focus

A content-first interface enables you to edit with your team whilst keeping your project front and center.

Accurate annotations

On-screen drawing allows for pinpointed expression of ideas.

Stay in sync

Add project info & download links to your room and keep everyone on the same page.

Save time. Reduce costs.
Create without compromise.

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