Workflows | Production

Stream camera feeds

Lights. Camera. Stream

Stream live camera feeds on a secure platform built for filmmakers. Experience full control over the resolution, framerate and bitrate of your streams.

Multi-camera support

Send up to 4 camera feeds to a single room and view the streams in grid or pinned layouts.

Multi-format support

Stream at the resolutions, framerates and bitrates you choose.

Dynamic visibility controls

Instantly disable and re-enable your stream for participants directly in your room - without changing encoder settings.

Wide compatibility

No dedicated hardware required

Get setup and streaming quickly with detailed setup guides that include video tutorials. Stream to your room from our free desktop streaming app or your own hardware encoder.

Collaboration tools built-in

A toolkit fit for creatives.

Your room, your rules

Modular settings let you adapt your room to your project, with support for video chat, voice-only chat, or text-only chat.

Annotate accordingly

On-screen drawing enables clearer commenting.

Shoot day 1 to 31

Give your team the info they need by uploading files like scripts and storyboards straight to your room.

Save time. Reduce costs.
Create without compromise.

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