Louper App for Apple TV and iOS Official Launch

Alex Williams

January 17, 2024


1 min read

In September, we released the beta version of the Louper StreamConnect app for Apple TV and iOS devices. Today, I'm proud to announce that Louper StreamConnect is out of beta and officially available in the App Store in all regions and countries.

Louper StreamConnect is designed to offer a native and unobstructed viewing experience on Apple TV, iPad and iPhone - providing a crisp, clear, and focused view of livestreams from Louper outside of the browser.

We originally built the StreamConnect app for Apple TV. Due to the nature of developing modern apps for Apple devices, we have been able to release iPhone and iPad versions of the app with minimal additional effort.

StreamConnect Product Image

Louper StreamConnect is designed to be used as a "second screen" on Apple devices, particularly Apple TV. While it provides an optimized stream-only viewing experience, it is meant to enhance the streaming experience without replacing the Louper web app. The Louper web app continues to offer a comprehensive suite of collaborative tools, such as video conferencing and on-screen drawing, which are exclusive to the web app. To have a fully integrated experience, you would use StreamConnect alongside the Louper web app.

Learn more about the app here and search "Louper StreamConnect" to download it on the App Store today.

Use Louper to stream and collaborate on live shoots, edit sessions, vfx reviews and more - securely and in seriously high quality.


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